A Thorough Look At Regal Assets – A Gold IRA Company

Gold IRA CustodiansAre you interested in buying a Gold IRA through a reputable firm that offers gold investment options? Regal Assets is a name that comes up often when people think of gold ira custodians. But before you put your hard earned money into any gold ira company you want to be sure that they will not scam you. They should be a reputable company.

Here’s some of the accreditation and benefits of Regal Assets. To learn more about Regal Assets check out this article that reviews them.

Fully Insured Deliveries

Gold is such an expensive commodity that you want to ensure your investments are protected from theft.  Regal Assets delivers precious metals that are fully insured via Federal Express, registered insured U.S.P.S mail, and United Parcel Service. All deliveries are fully insured with a seven-day delivery guarantee from the time they receive your funds. This is backed up by compensation schemes for late deliveries in the form of a free Silver American Eagle.

Highly Qualified Professionals

The staff of Regal Assets is equipped with knowledge and skills to give clients sound advice when it comes to investments. They have non-pushy representatives who are willing to help every client with an inquiry. Their specialists will also help clients custom design their packages to meet the financial needs of every investor and achieve their financial goals.

Accreditation and Ratings

Better Business Bureau

Regal Assets enjoys an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau, the highest rating they award to accredited organizations. One of the main reasons why Regal Assets managed to gain this rating is because of the very low level of complaints, transparency in policies, and the number of years they have been in the business.

Business Consumer Alliance

Regal Assets also managed to maintain the highest rating at the Business Consumer Alliance – a rating of AAA. It was able to get this rating due to the very low number of complaints filed against them.

There has only been one complaint lodged against Regal Assets over the past three years, which is something of a rarity in the gold and precious metals market. This single incident was due to a slight communication but has been resolved right away.


Regal Assets has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, which is based on 691 reviews as indicated in the TrustLink website. The recurring theme that customers praise Regal Assets for is their exceptional customer service. Clients get their questions answered without being pressured into buying anything. Their representatives ensure that clients fully understood every aspect of the process before investing.

Other Accolades

Some of the top companies have recognized Regal Assets. In 2013, Regal Assets ranked 20th in the financial services category of the Inc. Magazine 500 list. Regal Assets has also been featured by Forbes Magazine in their 20th anniversary edition.

To ensure that customers can enjoy the benefits of authenticity and coin grading accuracy, Regal Assets has formed alliances with other prominent organizations such as the US Mint, the Numismatic Conservation Service, the Certified Coin Exchange and the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).

Where I Buy My Diamond Jewelry

This is actually a notable choice, every time the ring you select will definitely be actually worn consistently and also will represent your devotion as well as type. The striking triumvirate rings along with 3 equivalent diamonds is actually believed to represent the past, today and the future.

These days, tinted diamonds are actually the subject of various good reviews offered by buyers and also close friends of the wife-to-be that take into consideration these bands to be valuable as well as distinct. Nowadays, diamond is actually easily one of the most well-known gems in the bridal fashion jewelry field.

The best typical shape is the circular great, pear designed oval. The second thing is, these items of jewelry are certainly not ideal given that they possess additions. Nevertheless, if you are actually limited by the spending plan and also you still need to have a genuine precious jewelry, you should go with colors, J, K, and L. , if you look at these parts of precious jewelry coming from far they could view the same.

Diamonds are actually fairly brand new whenever gems for engagement bands, the outcome of some brilliant advertising and marketing approaches by the diamond investors much more than 150 years ago.

Again, several of these decisions will definitely be actually straight pertaining to your finances, which you will certainly constantly need to inhibit point of view.

I really wish there was a way to tell which stores are the best to buy diamonds online. It can be pretty frustrating shopping for jewelry at various stores online. I really love places like James Allen – I was turned onto them in a review I read online.

I really think it’s great to get reviews of various jewelers online. But you also need to know tips on how to buy diamonds. There’s a bunch of great websites you can check out. Don’t just stop at one though. Read as many as you can.

It will really help you figure out the best way to go for yourself. Hope this helps you decide a bit on how to buy a diamond. Like I said my favorite store is James Allen Jewelers, but you can even choose others.

What Kind of Stop-Smoking Aids are Available to Smokers?

More and more smokers are coming to terms with the ill-effects of nicotine addiction and they are trying all possible ways to quit smoking, but it doesn’t come that easy. Thankfully, companies all over the world are coming up with products that help smokers to quit smoking.

The nicotine patch has been around for quite some time now and people in the U.S. have been reported to use to use them very often. Nicotine patches contain a certain dosage of nicotine that is almost as much as a cigarette or two contains. It looks more like a Band-Aid patch but of course, works very differently. It transfers the nicotine directly to the bloodstream so that the craving for nicotine is suppressed.

Some smokers are addicted less to nicotine and more to the habit of smoking. They need to have a cigarette lit in their mouths all the time. For this very reason, nicotine enriched chewing gums have been introduced into the market. You can pick up a pack at any medical store and pop a gum whenever you feel like having a cigarette. Two significant advantages of this is that, it contains a substantial quantity of nicotine (in fact, in comes in various dosages) and it also helps you cope with the habit of lighting a cigarette. If there is already something in your mouth, it is very unlikely that you would want to light a cigarette immediately.

The electronic cigarette is the latest innovation in the smoking cessation products market. The electronic cigarette does not need to be lit, in fact, it does not require the use of fire in any form. It merely contains a refill and an igniter with a battery. The igniter simply heats up the refill which contains nicotine in a liquid state. This has a significant advantage because it does not contain any cancerous chemicals or tar but does let smokers enjoy the smoke that they are addicted to. While nicotine chewing gums have failed to stop smokers from smoking, e-cigarettes have had a very good reputation for delivering what it promised. After prolonged use of the electronic cigarette, smokers have been reported to quit smoking forever. It is based on the idea that if you are addicted to something, you should do it in a way that will repel you from the addictive substance.

Although, these are very good anti-smoking aids for a smoker, there are indeed smokers who refuse to give up smoking for anything in the world. People who find it difficult to quit even after trying out all these aids, turn to medication. There are various medicines available that have a controlled but high dosage of nicotine that only a doctor should prescribe if the patient requires such medicines. Medicines are a last resort if and only if the smoker hasn’t tried out all the possible alternatives. Considering the variety of stop-smoking aids available freely in the market, quitting smoking should not be a daunting task even for a regular smoker if he really sets his mind upon it.